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Personal Development

Assistant Principal: Mr D Kelly


PRSHE Co-ordinator: Mrs Z Azam


CEIAG Manager: Mrs J Carey



Curriculum Vision


At its core, the Personal Development curriculum at Lyndon School promotes the cultural, spiritual, moral, physical, psychological, and social development of all our students, with the goal of deepening their knowledge and broadening their horizons. Within Personal Development resides Lyndon’s individual curricula for Relationships and Sex Education and Personal, Social and Health Education (combined under the banner of “PRSHE”), SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education), and CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance); our curriculum encourages understanding within the students about the individuality and diversity of our world and local communities, engendering understanding, acceptance, and respect.

Curriculum Intent


All aspects of our curriculum have been mapped against the recommended strands issued by the PSHE Foundation and the Department for Education, adding to these based on needs assessed through pupil voice activity, both local and national affairs, and the Gatsby benchmarks. By embedding and explicitly teaching the fundamental British values throughout the curriculum, we aim for our students to become well-rounded and ready to enter the world as active citizens who are ready for further training and employment. The diversity of our student body is celebrated throughout the curriculum and opportunities are created so that all students experience the opportunity to proactively engage in leadership and change through activism. The curriculum features a strong focus on relationships and sex education, incorporating difficult topics without compromise, as we believe that our students have a right to know and understand how to keep themselves safe, how to identify, avoid, and report issues which make them unsafe, and to participate in keeping each other safe; this is supported by a strategic plan for staff development which ensures the curriculum can be delivered bravely and with confidence.


The curriculum is designed to create learning opportunities which encourage deep learning, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving to support students in becoming the decision makers of the future. As a school, we want our students to become immersed in learning experiences which support students in making links between academic subjects and the strands of our personal development curriculum, through the sequential building of knowledge in key areas and the enhancement of their cultural understanding, linked to experiences in academic subjects which strengthen their knowledge. To support students in making these links and to engage in the knowledge-rich personal development curriculum, all Aspire and PRSHE tutor time lessons are, like any other subject, based on the Excellence in Teaching Programme (EiTP), which is underpinned by Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction.


To help sustain a positive culture within our school and to support pupils’ mental health and well-being, the personal development curriculum also reaches into the school’s enrichment curriculum, helping to strengthen this cornerstone of the students’ learning experience, adding to the opportunities offered for students to develop their cultural knowledge by embedding additional activities which support their social and relationships knowledge. This commitment to providing rich and memorable learning opportunities for both academic and personal development, intentionally planned and sequenced within our curriculum, engenders an appreciation of human creativity and achievement, widens social and cultural understanding, and supports students in becoming informed, confident and prepared when taking each step towards achieving their dreams.