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Subject Team Leader: L O’Keefe

Lead Practitioner: T Nguyen


Key information about subject: History skills are extremely useful across many subjects and later on in life. It’s   not just about the writing, but judging how useful information can be and using that information to argue a point of view.

Over the years, the department has achieved many successes; we are proud to say we achieve better results than the national average at GCSE. Teachers in our department embrace new innovative techniques and frequently update our teaching methods to help raise standards and encourage more progress in our pupils.

Above all, our aim is to bring History to life by making lessons interesting, enjoyable and accessible to all. Along the way we hope pupils will gain in confidence and learn to tolerate and understand different views and opinions – whilst having fun!


Useful websites (any websites which might be useful for staff or students)

Great for Conflict and Tension unit and the Germany Depth study.

All of the Health and the People videos on you tube are very good.

There are several useful Germany videos on BBC teach too.

Some useful Treaty of Versailles videos.

BBC Bitesize is a bit limited at the moment (and the videos will not play on Google Chrome)

The old BBC Bitesize still has lots of useful content. (The videos will not play on Google Chrome)


Key Stage 3



Key Stage 4




Potential future career pathways in subject area

With your ace analytical, writing, debate and detective skills, you will be primed for a huge range of careers in history and beyond. Areas you could go into include: