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Key Stage 4
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Key Stage 4

Towards the end of year 9, pupils will select their GCSE curriculum preferences. Their core suite of subjects is formed of English Language and Literature, Mathematics and Sciences (either Combined or, for our high performing scientists, Triple Sciences), a firm foundation from which to build their academic and vocational futures. These subjects are joined by others based on a pathway approach; these pathways are reviewed annually, based on the particular make-up of each Year 9 cohort. More information will be made available here when the Preferences process opens for each Year 9 group. Students will be guided to the pathway which is most suitable for them.

English-Baccalaureate Pathway

This is aimed at students who have achieved a high level in English and maths during Year 9. Students will follow the core subjects of Maths, English and Science. They are also expected to complete English language and English literature, French or Spanish (the modern foreign language they are currently studying) and a humanities subject (History or Geography).


More able students may attempt triple science resulting in 3 GCSE’s (Biology, Chemistry and Physics).


In addition to this core curriculum, students will also be able to choose two other options from a range of qualifications.

Core Pathway

This pathway provides  students with the opportunity to follow the core subjects of Maths, English and Double Science .They will not have to study a modern foreign language but will be completing additional core subjects of GCSE Religious Education and a level two ICT qualification.


In addition, a student following this pathway will also select two other option choices from the option tables if a students has a passion for a humanities or modern foreign language these subjects are available as option choices for students within this pathway.

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