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Religious Education

Religious Education and Religious Studies:

Students are currently taught in mixed ability groups in Years 7, 8 and 9. They study a breadth of topics, as well as 6 of the key religions. They cover topics such as symbols, festivals, crime, Good and Evil and whether Religion causes wars. It is hoped that by covering the 6 key religions, students will have a breadth of knowledge and understanding that they can apply to the world around them and make them better informed individuals. We have undergone some major changes in Year 7 where lessons are now covered on a discreet basis with Citizenship rather than in ECM (Every Child Matters). In KS3 RE and Citizenship alternate each half term.

Students have the opportunity to complete a full course GCSE at Key Stage 4 with the exam board AQAB.  It is a very topical course allowing students to relate religions to everyday situations. The GCSE covers religion and sport, relationships, multiculturalism, work, human rights, identity and life issues such as Prejudice and Discrimination, Abortion and War.

Subject Team Leader: Ms F Burton