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At Lyndon we listen carefully to feedback, whether from parents, carers or staff, and – crucially – the students themselves.

Our Student Council meets once each month to discuss topics raised by students, and to feed back to them on aspects raised previously. All Lyndon students have the chance to find out what is discussed when the notes from the meetings are shared by Tutors at Tutor Times.

An exciting development having joined the Summit Learning Trust is that the Student Councils from the Trust schools visit each other for a morning, allowing the students to meet students from the other schools, have a tour and discuss the various ways in which the school councils work, share ideas etc.

Lyndon students also have the chance to share their views via online surveys, when they can give their responses to a range of questions covering areas such as their learning in lessons, feedback on their work, the leadership of the school, safety, behaviour, homework and preparation for the future. Following the surveys, a range of students who provide comments and suggestions are invited to attend consultation meetings where they can discuss their ideas further.