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Student Prefects
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Student Prefects

The prefect system is well established at Lyndon. It offers to many young men and women the opportunity to serve their community and a chance to develop and practice leadership skills.


One senior student in each college is appointed Head of college and he or she is supported by a number of other prefects. These prefects also take additional school responsibilities. This is in recognition of the importance of that the School places on leadership, teamwork and collective responsibility. To develop this, prefects participate in a team-building exercise.


A number of Senior Prefects are appointed with specific roles. These are centered upon the life and work of the school in particular, but the influence of many of them extends out into the whole school community. For instance a Prefect will have responsibility for overseeing charity events, which could include sports, cooking or charity car washing events etc.


These Prefects work closely with staff so that the school is effectively supervised during the school day.