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SEND 2022

A message from the Lyndon SENDCo Jo Hill

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Support for Learning

We believe every member of Lyndon School has a key role to play in creating an inclusive learning community and promoting diversity, challenge and curiosity. All students can become successful, independent learners able to integrate effectively into society as responsible citizens, confident throughout their lives in their ability to learn. Our Curriculum intent is ambitious for all. At Lyndon your child’s safety and well-being are paramount. We are committed to guiding the development of skills and self-belief so that no student is left behind. All children are treated equally with respect and expectations are high to enable all to achieve or exceed their potential.

Our experienced and nurturing SEND team sits at the heart of our school improvement plan and provides excellent support to students, families and carers to remove barriers to learning. Through close relationships with the Pastoral and Curriculum teams, we are able to make provision for a wide range of needs. Students are identified for in class support and targeted interventions, including literacy and numeracy ‘catch up’ sessions. These are delivered by TAs during the school day and after school in an enrichment club.


Assessment of Needs

We recognise that all students may require support at some stage in their education whether it is social, emotional, behavioural or academic. The views, wishes and experiences of students, parents and staff are integral to the planning and review of the support we allocate to our students. For students with pre-identified SEND needs, we scrutinise all progress data following every data collection point. For students with high-focus SEND needs we also use a range of assessments, in addition to requesting additional expertise from Solihull Inclusion Support Services. Focused interventions from a range of practitioners enable students to make progress and enjoy success in class and examinations.


High Quality Teaching (HQT) in lessons

In addition to support from the SEND team, teachers at Lyndon are fully committed to maximising inclusion by making adaptations to teaching methods and resources. The key characteristics of High Quality Teaching and Learning at Lyndon are: highly focused lesson design with sharp objectives and outcomes; high demands of student engagement with their learning; high levels of interaction for all students; appropriate use of teacher questioning, modelling and explaining; an emphasis on recall activities, learning through dialogue, with regular opportunities for students to talk both individually and in groups; regular use of praise to motivate and regular
professional development opportunities for staff.


Transition 2022

We are currently liaising with Primary SENDCOs to gather information about your child’s needs. Once we have spoken to them, you will be contacted by Kate Roslyn HLTASharon Chana (Inclusion Administrator) or me to complete a Profile of Need. This will enable us to know more about your child’s SEN and consider which teaching strategies will ensure they make progress in their learning. In the event that you wish to make contact with me before one of us contacts you   directly, do not hesitate to email or phone on 0121 743 3402.