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Parents evening appointment’s on Arbor

Note: You must be registered on the Arbor Parent Portal, to be able to make your Parents’ Evening appointments. 

Further guidance can be found via this link or by following the instructions below.


Additional Arbor Portal information – Making appointments of the Arbor Parent Portal:

Note: if you have more than one child at Lyndon you can change the

1) You will be able to see the booking options for Parents’ Evening via the following link within the portal:

2) Click and follow this line to access the booking page and select the meeting to book – Tuesday 9th November 2021

3) Choose the subject/ teacher and click on the Time slot drop-down button and choose the time you would like to attend the consultation, and which Primary Guardians will be attending.

4) The page will then reload and show that your booking has been successful.

5) You can edit your booking by returning to the page and clicking on your booking.

·         Select a different time slot and click Reschedule meeting to change your slot.

·         Click Amend guardians to remove one of the child’s Primary Guardians or add them back into the meeting.

N.B.. You can download a list of the meetings you have booked as a PDF by clicking on the green Download my meetings button.