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Our Staff

Maggie Hyland
Associate Assistant Principal / Key Stage 4 Achievement Leader
I am so proud to be a member of the committed staff team here at Lyndon School and to represent our fantastic students. I started here over four years ago and the achievements of the school during this period are clear to see. In addition to a substantial improvement in results (which can be accredited to hard working students and staff), the school learning environment has positively transformed through a culture of hard work, determination and high aspirations. I look forward to sharing in future successes with our young people and to the continued growth of our school as we strive to maintain excellence in all areas of our practice.
June Walton
My name is June Walton and I have worked at Lyndon for almost 31 years so almost half of my lifetime, I have seen many changes throughout my time at Lyndon and all of them very different to how Lyndon life was in the 80s, working days then were a lot slower but we all have to move with the times and accept new challenges, what I see and have always seen at Lyndon is staff always giving 100% in everything they do and we all strive to making Lyndon and a happy and caring school for our students. So often on reception where I work I hear comments from visitors saying what a lovely friendly school Lyndon is and that makes me feel very proud that I am part of that. I am retiring in April this year and will miss the daily life of Lyndon very much but I will be taking wonderful lasting memories with me that I will remember forever.
Pete Finn
Teacher of Mathmatics
Lyndon is and always has been a great place to work in. Having been here for nearly 32 years I have often had a chance to leave and move to another school. However, because of the fantastic support of our parents and community I have often resisted those opportunities. I am now in the twilight of my career and see my ex-students now as parents and can see what wonderful people they are. Lyndon has always been about good positive relationships and quite frankly I would not want to work anywhere else! The teachers and support staff work amazingly hard to ensure our students have the best start in life and together with our parents and families we do a great job. So thank you Lyndon for my 32 years of fun and adventure! Long may it continue!
Chelsea Hill
Administration Assistant
I joined Lyndon in February 2019, I honestly couldn’t imagine myself working anywhere else! Everyone pulls together and works as a team and the care for the pupils goes above and beyond. I feel lucky to be able to be a part of Lyndon.
Natasha Peachy
Science Teacher
I have worked at Lyndon since 2010 as a Science teacher amongst many other roles. I have always felt well supported and developed throughout my career and feel that my opinions are always valued. The staff all work together as a team and Lyndon has always had that special family feel about it, hence why I’m still here 10 years later. There is always someone willing to give you a helping hand and I’ve always felt that doors are always open on both a personal and professional level and this applies to all levels of the school leadership team. The school has been on a huge journey throughout my ten years and it’s fantastic
Zaynah Azam
This is my 3rd year at Lyndon School. I am an RQT and I have to say that Lyndon School has proved to be a supportive school with amazing staff that are always on hand to give me advice and guidance. I thoroughly enjoy working at Lyndon and the students are great. I am now lead for PSHE and have fully embraced the role with the freedom I have been allowed by Senior Leaders to really develop the programme and ensure our students receive a rich and varied PSHE curriculum! It is a busy role but I love it! Staff at Lyndon work incredibly hard and are always striving to be the best we can be. The school has come a long way and I’m proud to be part of that change.
Carol Jones
I am a Technician in Art and Design, I really enjoy working at Lyndon school. The staff are always very professional and friendly and I am always made aware of what is needed for the areas we work in, it’s always planned ahead so I can get my materials cut and amounts for the groups to help the lessons run smoothly. The pupils are very well mannered and polite and they are a pleasure to help, when they are learning new skills. I have great pride in my work so it nice to feel appreciated from staff and pupils when they thank me. I enjoy making the school look friendly and inviting with all the great photography and art work around the school and the items of up- cycling in the Pod that the year 10’s have made. I feel a valued member of the
Abigail Prentice Prentice
I have been at Lyndon since 2017 as Teacher of Music and it has gone really quickly! In 2018, I was given the opportunity for a responsibility and I have been in charge of LAC and EAL which I am really enjoying. I hope to be at Lyndon for many years to come!
Dr Elizabeth Ford
Vice Principal Assistant
I couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming and supportive start to my role at Lyndon School. I have found the community of both staff and students to be polite, respectful and hardworking. Any anxieties I had soon faded as it was apparent from day one that everyone strives and works together to be the very best we can be for our students.
Ranjit Samrai
Associate Assistant Principal Teacher of Business Studies
I started Lyndon in 2015 as Team Leader for Business. I have been supported and challenged at every stage of my own personal development and have always felt part of a team. There is a real sense of team spirit and all members of staff work together for a common goal which is to help Lyndon grow as a school.