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Performing Arts

Curriculum Team Leader and Associate Assistant Principal: Miss. Newman

Key information:


In Years 7, 8 and 9 all students will participate in Dance, Drama and Music lesson. With a focus on creating performance Art in groups to develop their interpretive and creative skills.
At KS4 students can opt to complete a BTEC in Performing Arts choosing between the following Pathways Dance, Drama and Music.

BTEC allows us to teaching inspiring and engaging curriculum that really centres around vocational training. Therefore students works as they would do if they working in the professional world of the Performing Arts.

Curriculum work is also supported by a wide range of extracurricular activities and performance opportunities.

At Lyndon School we pride ourselves on our live shows. High quality performance, in a professional setting and everyone supporting each other. It really is a team effort involving students and staff. We have our annual fixtures in the calendar – such as Christmas at Lyndon & the Summer Arts Festival – as well as special showcase evenings such as Lyndon’s Got Talent. If you would like to see some examples of the brilliant work our students produce , take a look at our YouTube channel and click on the ‘School Shows & Productions’ playlist. We look forward to seeing you in person at one of the live shows in the future! ~ The Performing Arts Team

Curriculum Intent

We want students of Performing Arts to have an exposure to lots of arts forms, styles and performances genres which creates a love of performing arts with a clear knowledge of local, national and international companies and the types of work that they produce. 

We feel that our students need to develop their creativity, through experimentation of ideas which is developed through the creative process.  

We want our students to develop their Team Working skills through group devising projects and performance opportunities.  

Students develop confidence and self-assurance in their presentation of technical and performance skills and an understanding of how these skills will benefit them in their future. 

An Understanding of the performing Arts industry and potential careers in the arts and the positive impact this can have on the local communities. 

Curriculum Mapping

Things we do in Performing Arts

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BBC bitesize

Rambert Dance company