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Media Studies GCSE

Subject Team Leader: Mr Spurr

Key information about subject:

This subject is only offered at Key Stage 4.

GCSE Media Studies is a complex subject which focuses heavily on how media products influence audiences and society as a whole. We also investigate how media industries make profit from creating a range of products/brands. Furthermore, we study how media has changed through history, with links to sociology and psychology.

Media texts studied include:

  • TV
  • Advertising
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Online media and video games
  • Music video
  • Radio
  • Film Promotion

Subject Team Leader: Mr Spurr

Curriculum Intent

The world is changing… Constantly. To be able to understand it – and adapt to it – we believe young people need a compelling Media education. The comprehension, communication and creative skills that stem from studying this subject, give an essential foothold for any aspiring student in the 21st century.  

We are all Media consumers. And there is a sea of content out there. Therefore, exposure to it is inevitable. But just as important is the decision of what you choose to consume – and what you chose to question. Our aim in Media Studies is to foster an inquiring mindset and promote both theoretical and practical understanding. Students will not only know how to decode a national Newspaper headline – they will also learn to design, create and stylise an attention-grabbing front page all of their own on Photoshop (amongst other essential skills). 

Confidence is key. In Media Studies you can find your voice and realise what it takes carve out your niche, or be heard amongst the masses. The industry demands collaboration, as well as individual flair. The skills of the individual are just as essential as the ability to be part of a team, so we make sure our students develop both aspects of their personalities and make them integral parts of the course. 

The possibilities are endless. Gaining an understand of the vastness of the Media industry at an early stage, gives students a huge advantage. Studying in this way creates opportunities to express yourself and discover avenues for progression towards future careers. All this in a world where the job of your dreams, may not yet exist… Time to go and make it! 

Curriculum Mapping

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Mapping


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