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Food and Nutrition

Curriculum Team Leader: Mrs. Whittaker

Key information:

Food technology is a cross curricular subject where students will use their skills in Mathematics to calculate portion control and ratios within recipes and English to describe the food they have created. Students will learn how to prepare healthy nutritious meals, discovering the importance of having a balanced, nutritious diet, and how to adapt these for special dietary needs. Students will also acquire key life skills, such as how to store and cook food safely.

Curriculum Intent

Food and Nutrition in our school will equip students with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to cook and apply the principle of healthy eating, nutrition and food hygiene. 

Our curriculum will encourage students to cook and enable them to develop vital life skills that will enable them to feed themselves and others nutritiously within a budget, now and later in life.   

The Government have signed up for the United Nations and the Rights of every Child which indicates that food and nutrition is an essential for every child.  Goal 2 – Hunger, Goal 3 – Good Health, Goal 4 – Education and Goal 6 – Water

Curriculum Mapping

Things we do in Food and nutrition

Potential future career pathways in subject area

Product Development

Food and recipe development

Craft baking and food manufacturing


Restaurant Manager

Hotel Management

Event organizer

Hospitality retail salesperson.