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Citizenship at Lyndon

Team leader for Subject: Mrs R Samrai

Key information about subject:

Citizenship equips students to take responsible citizenship actions and play a positive role in public and democratic life as informed and active citizens. Students will develop their knowledge and understanding of the current issues that impact on modern society, engaging with them with that it means to be an active citizen and preparing them for their next steps in today’s global world.

Curriculum Statement of Intent

The aim of Citizenship education at Lyndon is to engage pupils in the local and global world; to consider their role as global citizens and to think critically but proactively with a focus on a political environment. The course encourages students to play an active part in public and democratic life as informed and active citizens. The Citizenship Studies GCSE allows for the group or individual undertaking of citizenship action and for students to develop the ability to analyse and evaluate decision made by central government. Citizenship Studies at GCSE reflects current issues, questions and debates; and therefore students develop knowledge and understanding of their role as a citizen, how they will be affected by local and government initiatives in relation to the political and democratic issues and the impacts on modern society.  

Curriculum Mapping

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Mapping

Things we do in Citizenship.

Students can progress from this qualification to AS/A Levels in other subjects. This includes subjects that build upon aspects of the content studied, particularly Government and Politics, but the skills student acquire in GCSE Citizenship are transferable to other qualifications such as BTEC Nationals, as well as apprenticeships with local councils with a particular focus on social policy.