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Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

Subject Team Leader / Lead Practitioner: N Illingworth

Assistant team leader : Damelys Quinn

Key information about subject:

Pupils study either or French or Spanish on entry in Year 7 and continue with this language until the end of Year 9. A large number of our pupils continue to study a language at GCSE, enabling them to gain the Ebacc qualification.

Useful websites (any websites which might be useful for staff or students) (KS4)

Temple GCSE app (KS4)

Curriculum outline

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Potential future career pathways in subject area

Teaching                                                                                              Civil Service

Import/Export                                                                                   Foreign Office

Translation                                                                                         Marketing

Interpreting                                                                                       Hospitality industry

Banking                                                                                                Subtitles/Voice overs

Sales                                                                                                     European commission/ diplomatic service

Trips and curriculum mapping

Next year our Yr 8 students will be have the opportunity to go on a residential trip to France. Pupils will be immersed in French culture and language and participate in activities such as bread making, visits to Mont St Michel and a market and obstacle courses. 

As a department we want our students to have a love of languages, and aim to achieve this by nurturing a linguistic curiosity and an intrinsic motivation to explore and respect other cultures and people. Curriculum maps are designed to ensure that all four skills (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening) are covered in every unit and opportunities to revisit key skills, in different ways, are built into students’ learning journeys.  Grammar is the foundation for building language skills. We encourage pupils to broaden their horizons and equip them with the skills they need to thrive in 21st Century society.