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Key Stage Results & Performance Tables

Key Stage Results & Performance Tables

Our School improvement journey continues


GCSE Results 



Following the publication of the 2021 Centre Assessed Grades (CAG), we are pleased to say that results at the school’s improvement journey has continued across many areas of the curriculum. In 2021 we have:


  • Demonstrated that our students make progress in line with their peers nationally (using their best eight subjects) for the third consecutive year.
  • Ensured that the majority of students continue to achieve a standard pass (Grade 4 or better) in English and Mathematics with record numbers achieving a strong pass for the third consecutive year.
  • Ensured that the percentage of disadvantaged students achieving a good pass (Grade 5 or better) in both English and Mathematics has increased by a further 9% percentage points this year – building on our previous all-time high.
  • Secured a further increase in the average attainment of our students in their best eight subjects – now a Grade 5.
  • Ensured that the percentage of students securing a positive destination in 2020 remains close to 100% for the third consecutive year.


These results are testament to the hard work that was put in by students and staff and demonstrate that Lyndon continues its upward trajectory over the last three years to provide an excellent education to the young people who attend this school.


What do these new grades mean? 

The graphic below provides an indication of comparable performance when considered against the old grading structure.


Our last nationally published key performance measures:


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Performance Tables

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