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CENTURY uses Science, artificial Intelligence and neuroscience to provide students with a personalised pathway. It provides students with access to learning materials and assessments in English, Mathematics and the Sciences. CENTURY makes personalised learning recommendations based on students’ strengths and areas for improvement, so that students always know the best topics to study next. 

Century At Lyndon

Introduced to core subjects in January 2019

From Sept, used for all subjects as a homework platform and all year groups started implementation.

“Data derived from trial groups (Year 10) in 2019 – provide some early evidence that when students and teachers used CENTURY consistently over other methods of independent study; student achievement improved by around a third of a grade more than their non-CENTURY counterparts.”

Students were surveyed in November and the majority of students were using the platform daily or weekly. As we now move forward with the project we would like students to be using the platform most days of the week. One of the highlights of the survey was that students felt that the biggest strength of the platform was that it identified their strengths and weaknesses. We feel at Lyndon this is an integral part of the learning journey. It gives students a clear direction, and enables them to progress further in their core subjects. In addition, 50% of students felt that it was useful that one platform is now being used to access all homework and material for the core subjects. This makes homework easy to access and more manageable.
This is an example of the pathway that students will see when they log in. They can change their pathway and do have the ability to turn on and off different core subjects. The key shows the different meaning next to each ‘nugget’. A nugget is an interactive micro  lesson. Some nuggets are homework tasks set explicitly by teachers, or some can be memory boosts. The pathway is generated via artificial intelligence, so the more a student utilises the platform the more data they will get. One of the options will be ‘focus for improvement nuggets’. This will be recommended based on a previous nugget that the student has completed and will confidently direct them to the areas which they need to focus on to move their  learning forward. This constantly adapting personal pathway are all designed to address gaps in knowledge, provide stretch and challenge and promote long-term memory retention. 
The due assignment feature is where subjects can set homework tasks such as exam questions, essays or video links. This feature allows all subjects at Lyndon to use the platform as a homework tool alongside the AI aspects for the core subjects.
This is an example what a teacher can use to look at class data. It allows teachers to see how the class is performing on a nugget. Each coloured dot represents a student. The difference we find with CENTURY is that it’s much more individually directed, it’s much more bespoke, so allows teachers to intervene where appropriate. It can also enable teachers to plan lessons based on an area for improvement, or students specific interventions. This allows teacher to plan differentiated lessons and allows leaders across the core subjects to see the bigger picture in terms of students difficulties or areas whereby they have a solid foundation. 
Each term we are sent specific data for the school, and last term we had the second highest usage data within the UK. We hope to see the data improve term by term,as students with support from parents will fully utilise the platform to its full potential. Each term CENTURY award two students with trophies for the highest usage and most progress made.

Students themselves get a personal profile which allows them to look at how they are performing. This is fantastic for independent learning and directs students to areas they need to look at, and areas which they are doing well at. Parents are also able to see this profile and are able to see what assignments have been completed and whether they were completed on time.
Teachers are able to see topic view for each students and see which areas they may need to re-teach with certain groups. Those students not performing as well as others can be given fast and informed intervention. This crucial feedback is all done without teacher effort in terms of marking, so therefore allows teachers more time to plan effective intervention strategies to overcome the weaknesses. Thus reducing pressure on teachers workload.

    However, some subjects may wish to set assignments and this fantastic feature is that we can mark online via the platform and this can be written, audio or video feedback so gives teachers more flexibility in how they mark students work, taking advantage of revolutionary technology. In addition, students also are able to submit work in those three formats which allows us to move with current technology. This aspect of CENTURY has been very effective during the current pandemic so keep in regular contact and provide thorough guidance back to students.

The potential impacts of CENTURY at Lyndon is phenomenal and as the project moves forward and students fully utilise the platform the benefits to their independent learning will be reflected.