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Lyndon School students mark the Year of the Tiger with a week of celebrations

Lyndon School has marked Chinese New Year with a week of celebrations.  The school was decorated the school with large banners commemorating the Year of the Tiger and assemblies  were held on the topic of Chinese New Year so that all students could understand it’s history and cultural significance .  

Students were also taught some basic Cantonese, including how to say happy new year.  The special dishes served at Chinese New Year were also on the menu in the canteen this week and students learned how to make them in their food technology classes.    One parent said, thank you for being so proactive in welcoming the Chinese students and being a leading figure in organising a Chinese related event in the school. It is a very nice gesture. 

Mr Abid Butt, Principal said:

“We were delighted to have a number of Cantonese children join us recently, so I wanted to make sure that we pulled out all the stops for Chinese New Year. I hope everything we have done this week showed those who have joined us that they truly have a place here at Lyndon.  

We know our school is strengthened through the diversity of our student and staff body. And I believe that having students from a wide variety of cultures makes our school richer and imparts on our young people the need to listen to others and have respect for different views.”