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Lyndon’s Climate Action Group gets attention during COP 26 Summit

Lyndon student’s from the school’s Climate Action Group have been busy talking to local radio journalists at HeartMids and CapitalMids about their work.  The group has also been mentioned on the Department of Education’s website as part of a piece explaining how schools are playing their part in creating a sustainable future.  The group works closely with Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council and the InterClimate Network who helped students analyse the results of their climate survey.  The survey focused on the location of bins and recycling points around the school and students use of them.  Going forward we will be increasing the number of recycle bins around the school and running an information campaign on the role of recycling.

A student presentation was delivered to Years 7-10 about the survey’s findings which also educated students on the role that plastic has on the environment and climate.  A further presentation was then created and delivered to the Senior Leadership Team on what students had found and what they thought the next steps should be.  The group also attended a climate conference and took part in a United Nations style discussion on the Paris Agreement.  The group will shortly take part in an event focusing on generating local agreement on what should happen to help combat climate change within Solihull.

Mr Abid Butt, Principal said:

“I am so proud of the work the students in the Climate Action Group have done, and their core aims, which are to educate students on the impact their actions have on the environment and to mitigate this impact by enacting strategies which can be adopted at Lyndon by staff and students.

We are currently on a journey to a more sustainable future and our Climate Action Group will be giving a school wide presentation on their efforts at the end of the year, so everyone is aware of the important work they are doing.”