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Loudmouth visit Lyndon to teach students about safety and respect in relationships through theatre

Lyndon was delighted to welcome Hannah and Alec from Loudmouth T.I.E to the school to run one of their sessions on safety and respect in relationships through interactive drama performances and workshops.

Loudmouth T.I.E is a highly respected and innovative theatre in education company. The company has been delivering Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) since 1994 and has reached over 600,000 children, young people, professionals and parents.  Loudmouth’s work aims to ensure a future where all children and young people are healthy, happy, safe and resilient. Loudmouth is a Birmingham based company with a primary focus on touring within the Midlands however their work tours both nationally and internationally, benefiting young people as far as Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia and Norway.

Principal, Mr Abid Butt said:

The heart of Lyndon School is its ambitious, inclusive and knowledge rich curriculum. Our curriculum promotes the intellectual, creative, cultural, linguistic, spiritual, moral and physical development of all our students, with the goal of deepening their knowledge and broadening their horizons. Our curriculum celebrates the individuality and diversity of our students and the communities we serve, engendering understanding, acceptance and respect. I think the Loudmouth interactive drama sessions are a brilliant way of bringing strands of our personal development curriculum to life and really getting students to connect with and think about the ideas that are being presented.”