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Parents Evenings

All Parents evenings (Y7-Y11) run from 4:15pm-7:15pm, with staff located in The Hub, The Switch, Foyer and Canteen.


The aim of parents’ evening is for both students and parents to receive personal and specific feedback on the academic and social progress of your child. The teacher will outline the level they are currently at, targets to improve and specific strategies to ensure they make at least good progress. It also provides an excellent opportunity to start a dialogue with your child’s class teacher on how we can all work together to further support your child. Class books or assessments may be available to evidence the quality of work produced.


Parents’ evening appointments are intended to be a summary conversation and are limited to approximately. However, there may be occasions where a longer conversation is required  and theses can be arranged at a mutually convenient time.



In the spirit of partnership working  we do expect every parent to attend with their child. Clearly, if you cannot attend for exceptional reasons, staff may be able to contact you via email or phone.


Parents’ evening also offers parents/ carers an opportunity to obtain further resources that can help support your child’s learning, such as revision guides, guidance to online revision resources etc.


Research does suggest that pupils who attend parents’ evening, have greater attainment and progress that their peers who do not attend. Please see the link below for further details on this.