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Mohammed Karim

14 October 2015

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[su_quote cite=”Kenyan Student”]I cannot afford to postpone this silence any further, no not at all. I am writing from my hostel room here in Egerton University and well, first things first. My tribute and thanks I give to you and the Educaid Africa for giving me yet another chance to climb my academic ladder higher[/su_quote]

This was written by a young man who lived in a small village in Kenya whose life has been transformed by children from a primary school in Solihull. He was an able child but could not afford to attend Secondary School because, in Kenya, Secondary education is not free. His plight was heard by Educaid Africa, a Knowle-based charity and his fees paid by fund raising by children in one of our primary schools in Solihull.


Education is one of the most important things that we take for granted but it comes at a great price for so many in Kenya. Several schools and churches support Educaid Africa and have gained so much from the experience. The charity is unusual in that every penny raised goes to Kenyan children’s education and there are no administration costs here. The children from these schools have enjoyed writing to our sponsored pupils and enjoying most interesting letters back. Every two years a group of supporters travel to the Mombasa area, at their own expense, to visit these pupils in their schools out in the African bush land. They also visit two primary schools and three nursery schools where Educaid money has also enhanced their education. They bring back photographs and video footage and these are shown to the pupils at the Solihull schools that support them.


Last year Educaid, a registered charity, raised £28,320, funded 53 pupils at secondary school, provided free medicine for 1200+ patients, made further education possible for 7 students, provided 50 new desks for a Primary School, funded 20 places on a City and Guilds course, supplied £400 of books for a primary school and provided electricity and lighting for a Primary School. All this was made possible by the kindness, hard work and generosity of some children and adults in Solihull.


£15 provides a place for an Aids orphan to attend Nursery School, £100 would provide some much-needed library books for a primary school, £250 provides secondary education for a pupil for one year. £1000 pays for a student’s whole career in Secondary School. Not a great deal of money but it makes a huge difference to children in the Mombasa area of Kenya where lives are transformed – affecting, not only the individuals themselves but also their families and villages. How do we know? We know because we go there to see for ourselves and witness the gratitude, the life change and the joy on the faces of those children whose lives will never be the same because of the care and concern of children and adults in Solihull.