Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow.

‒Oliver Holmes (1809–1894) physician and poet

From Marvel’s Superheroes to Shakespeare’s villains, our students in Key Stage 3 enjoy a rich curriculum with opportunities to explore genres and texts from across time and place. They will experience stimulating discussions and dramatic interpretations. They will investigate how writers work with language and structure to convey their ideas effectively. They will step into the shoes of characters and people through their personal and shared reading.  By the end of Key Stage 3, our students will be prepared to embrace the challenges of Key Stage 4.

Both GCSE English Language and English Literature are studied by all students with a continued focus on dovetailing the skills of reading and writing. They will be immersed in creative expression, sophisticated analysis and critical evaluation. They will enjoy the crafting and drama of literary fiction and non-fiction, developing their appreciation through the understanding of contextual differences. They will be empowered to take on the challenges of further education.



Subject Team Leader: Mrs. G. Bisso