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Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Lyndon School aims to support all students who have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) to achieve to their full potential. As for every student in the school, we aim for students with SEND to make three levels of progress during their 5 years with us. We achieve this by advice and guidance to class teachers, in class support and other appropriate mechanisms.

Central to the provision is close monitoring of the progress students are making and immediate action if they are not making sufficient progress.

We will work in partnership with parents and carers and also be realistic and honest about our ability to meet the specific needs of students as our environment and provision is not appropriate for every student.

The Summit Learning Trust SEND Policy Reflects The Aims Outlined In The SEN Code Of Practice

  • Give all our students, irrespective of their ability, culture or gender
  • An equal chance to take part in all that we teach and do
  • Encouragement to think in a positive way about themselves and to receive and demonstrate tolerance and respect to others
  • Intellectual stimulation to give them the skills they need to take part in our technological society
  • Work in partnership with the local community to give all our students a quality education
  • Work in partnership with parents/carers by giving professional advice and support
  • Identify all students who are experiencing learning difficulties, to make appropriate provision for their needs within available resources and to monitor their progress
  • Give such students the greatest possible access to a broad and balanced education, including the National Curriculum and to integrate them as far as possible into the mainstream groupings
  • Ensure that all staff, Academy Councillors  and parents are aware of the part they can play in supporting such students
  • Safeguard the rights of children in line with the relevant Acts

Key SEND Staff

Staff Role
Miss C Vines Trust Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator, (SENDCO) with strategic responsibility for educational provision for SEN students
Ms J Hill Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator, (SENDCO) with responsibility for the day to day educational provision for SEN students

Leadership Staff

Staff    Role
Miss S Kapswara    Vice Principal, Provision and Learning


The Special Educational Needs Policy is monitored by the Board of Directors.

The SENDCO presents SEND issues to Academy Councillors at Governors meetings, through the Head teacher’s Report, and through meetings with the Academy Councillor with responsibility for the school’s arrangements and provision for meeting Special Educational/Disability Needs.

The Academy Councillor with responsibility for SEND is appointed annually at the first full Academy Council meeting of the school year. (Approach Clerk to the Council for further details).

The Academy Councillor with specific oversight for the provision for students with Special Educational Needs for the academic year 2016 – 2017 is Mr Richard Beamish.

SEND Code Of Practice 0-25 (July 2014)

Lyndon School is currently undertaking a review of the Special Educational Needs Policy to meet the new requirements for SEND in line with the new SEND Code of Practice effective from 1 September 2014. To provide an improved, compliant policy we are committed to co-producing our policy with families, children and young people.

In the next half term we will be revising our SEND policy to coincide with the publication of our school offer.  The Local Authority website also provides information about the Solihull local offer.

SEN Support Plans or an Education Health Care Plan will eventually help replace the current system of Statements.  Conversions by the Local Authority will take place between the 1 September 2014 and the 1 April 2018.