Policies & Statutory Information

Lyndon School 

URN  142075

LA Number 334/4000

UKPRN  10052483

In this section parents can access the schools policies. Parents are able view the school stance on important issues that may affect their child and also see the codes of conduct which their child should adhere to as a member of the school student body.

To view the documentation, please click on the document icon (in Adobe Reader format) in the download column.  If you require hard copies of this information please contact 0121 743 3402 or email your request to office@lyndon.solihull.sch.uk.

Equality Impact Statement
The school will do all it can to ensure that its policies do not discriminate, directly or indirectly. We shall do this through regular monitoring and evaluation of our policies and procedures. On review we shall assess and consult relevant stakeholders on the likely impact of our policies on the promotion of race equality, equality for disabled persons, gender equality and community cohesion. Policies and procedures may be amended as a result of consultation.