Catch Up Premium

For the financial year 2013/2014 Lyndon School received £28,500 for Catch Up Premium related activities. Expenditure was aimed directly at improving provision for students that attract the premium which in turn further strengthened the schools ‘Quality First Teaching’ methodology. In brief we have been able to use the funds to:

• Provide targeted small group specialist tuition to aid progress and attainment in Mathematics; helping to plug gaps in learning and/or tackle underachievement.

• Provide additional support to improve literacy through ‘Catch up’ reading programmes.

• Provide additional support to improve literacy through ‘Catch up’ numeracy programmes.

• Fund smaller classes for students that require additional support in year 7 and 8.

• Strengthen our literacy strategy through additional resources that will help improve our students’ ability to read, write and communicate.

In school data analysis shows that the gap between those that attract the additional premium and those that do not is closing within year groups.

The table below shows the percentage of students making ‘expected progress’ as of July 2016.

 English  Reading  English  Writing           Maths
     2016/17     2016/17          2016/17
Year 7 83%     83%   65%
Year 8  61%     64%   69%
Year 9  66%     54%    55%