We are committed to ensuring that all students are provided with learning opportunities that develop skills; strengthen knowledge and deepen understanding so that they achieve well over time and become lifelong learners. We understand that parents value the setting of high quality work for completion at home to support the learning that has taken place in lessons.


We want students to be independent and foster learning skills that will be crucial both within school and in lifelong learning.  To support our students with developing the skills independent learning, organisation and time management we will be using the Lyndon Cloudnine Homework portal to set homework for all students.  As such we would encourage you to support your child with their homework by regularly logging in to homework portal Show My Homework where students, staff and parents can access the work set and monitor tasks and deadlines.


The below link will take you to tutorials which explain how Students can access and manage their homework.

Managing Online Homework


You should expect to see homework tasks set for your son or daughter in line with the homework frequency policy detailed below. The homework tasks set may take many forms including research tasks to support activities in future lessons, revision, creative projects, written assignments and extension tasks that are a continuation of the work begun during lessons.


Key stage 3

Year 10 & 11

Maths Once a fortnight Once per week
English Once a fortnight Once per week
Science Once a fortnight Once per week
History, Geography and Modern Foreign Languages Once a fortnight Once a fortnight
Design Technology, Art, PE & Performing Arts Twice per half term
Re and Information Technology Twice per half term Once a fortnight
KS4 Option Subjects N/A Once a fortnight

If your child is unable to access the Cloudnine portal for any reason they can receive paper based versions of the homework from their class teacher. We encourage students to complete homework at home and would encourage you to share in that learning process with your child.  If students do wish to complete homework efficiently within school they do have regular access to the school library and the school learning resource room ‘The Switch’, where they are able to access the internet and printing facilities if required.

Subject Team Leaders


Team Leader

Email Address

Maths Mrs King
English Mrs Bisso
Science Dr Quigley
History Mr Rickett
Modern Foreign Languages Mr A Hughes
Geography Mrs Troman
Art & Design Technology Mrs Dennis
PE Mr Hole
Performing Arts Ms Newman
Religious Studies Ms Burton
ICT Mr Roberts

Should you have any queries or concerns regarding subject content and homework please feel free to contact the Subject Team Leader of the relevant subject area in the first instance using the email addresses below.