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The Mathematics Team consists of 9 subject specialist teachers, led by Mrs King.

The aim of the team is to challenge the pupils to achieve their potential. We strive to equip the pupils with the necessary skills to tackle the mathematics they will require after Lyndon.

We want the students at Lyndon to be engaged in their learning of mathematics and deliver the curriculum in a captivating, thought provoking and promoting independent learning in a creative way.
Pupils are set according to their ability and are regularly assessed through half term tests. This not only allows us to track pupil progress but also to give detailed formative feedback to enable them to progress further.

We have strong links with our feeder schools and we work closely with them to allow for a smoother transition for our new students. Likewise, we maintain close links with Solihull Sixth Form College where we take our most gifted students for taster days to encourage them to continue to further education in maths. In addition to this, gifted Mathematicians in Lyndon are also offered opportunities to broaden their skills by participation in activities such as the UK Maths challenge, or the Solihull schools Maths Competitions.

Similarly, students struggling in maths are supported through small intervention groups, after school revision sessions, and a Maths specific Homework club, all of which run throughout the year. KS4 revision sessions are on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and KS3 Homework club and revision sessions are held in the maths computer room, L304 every Thursday.

We have access to and, which are excellent websites that students can revise from. Students can obtain usernames and passwords for these sites from their maths teacher.
Other useful websites for students are,, and

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Subject Team Leader: Mrs T King