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Business Studies

The GCSE Business qualification is open to any student wishing to take the subject. The programme of study involves students taking a critical approach to business. Students will focus on units such as Building a Business.

This course is designed to suit a student who has an interest in Business, and will be expected to keep up to date with current Business Affairs. Willingness to participate in visits & talks will also be expected by all students.

Three units will be studies over the two years covering starting a business to building a business. The course is assessed by two examinations at the end of year 11 and one piece of coursework worth 25%.

Enrichment opportunities: Over the two years opportunity to take part in national competitions will be open to those students wishing to enhance their understanding of Business and to add more depth to college applications.

A close link to the Sixth Form College, Solihull & master classes at local universities will allow students to enhance their knowledge further. All students will be encouraged to take part in these activities.

Parents: If you would like to support the Business department in the form of a talk or project please contact the Team Leader at your earliest convenience.

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Subject Team Leader: Mrs R Samrai