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ICT is a core subject at Lyndon and is taught to all students. Our philosophy is that ICT is underpinning the technology for all subjects and careers. We want all out students to leave Lyndon in year 11 with an ICT qualification that will support them in their future career.

The curriculam is broken down in to three components

  • Computer science
  • Digital literacy
  • Creativity

Below is a link for the ICT curriculam at Lyndon for KS3


Scheme of work 2013-2014


Every student will do an ICT qualification which is the Cambridge Nationals. Students who are interested in ICT can study more in depth by choosing the following options:


In this course students are encouraged to  not only explore but to question the subject matter. The range of tasks and controlled assesments enable each topic to be developed in strict detail. Students explore how ICT effects thier working lives and living environments.

GCSE Computing

This looks at what goes on behind the scenes with technology. Students devlop an understanding by learning about programming by using the devloped skills to problem solve. They also begin to understand on the basics of hardware and the effects each component has on the inside of the computer discoving its function and qualities.


At lyndon we have a wide randge of ICT facilities including:

  • 7 computer rooms each equipped with 30 PC’s
  • Macbook and IMac suite with ICT support staff
  • Computer Science Lab which includes:
    • Rasberry Pi’s
    • Computer breakdowns


Lyndon is proud to announce that through the computing at School (CAS) programme we have become the regional HUB for Solihull.

The role of the HUB is to directly support teachers by giving them opportunity’s for sharing ideas and developing the teaching of computing in their classrooms and community.

Lyndon recently held its first HUB event with the focus on how to teach Computer Hardware and using the Raspberry Pi`s in the classroom. Bringing people together in this way is a great way to share ideas and the changes to the teaching of Computing. The next meeting will be in January and the focus will be on Computer Programming.

More information can be found here contact


Subject Team Leader: Mr. M. Roberts