Yr 7 developing foundation skills : Observing /Recording/ media use –


developing ability:

  • to look and investigate and consider intelligently
  • creating accurate drawings
  • to use pencil with understanding. i.e  light, sensitive controlled pencil work and a an ability to create a vocabulary of mark-making to record  different surface textures.
  • understanding of how to use a paint brush and apply paint in different ways.


Yr 8-  gentle introduction to the four stage GCSE process / refining improving media skills.


Developing ability to:

creating accurate drawing – using more technical skills (construction- marks, pencil as a measuring tool)

Developing more specific art vocabulary

more about developing students ability to anayly, understand and respond to other artists work.

using this understanding to create their own design work.


Yr9 consolidating skills and getting student and confident at working within the GCSE four stand criteria.

i.e getting GCSE ready.