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269 places are offered to children aged 11 by 1st September in the year of entry.


The closing date for applications for secondary places is 31 October 2018. Offer day is the 1st March 2019.


Lyndon School adopts the Solihull Admissions Policy, which can be viewed here


Please contact the admissions department at Solihull MBC Education Department on 0121 704 6693 as soon as possible.

How To Apply

If you would like to apply online for a place in Year 7 you should apply to your home council. Contact School Admissions if you miss the closing date.


If you would like to apply for a place to start at any time other than the normal point of intake you can find a form on the Solihull Council website or you can telephone them on 0121 704 6693 for a form.

SEN Admission Arrangements

Students enter the school via the Lyndon School Admissions Policy which is completely in line with the Local Authority Admissions Policy. The school admits students with already identified special educational needs and disabilities, as well as identifying and providing for those not previously identified as having SEND.


Hearing Impaired students are fully supported and integrated within school learning and life. They are on the school roll and assigned to tutor groups. They are included within mainstream school for academic, social and extra curricular activities.

Useful Contact Details

Local Authority Telephone Number Website Address
Solihull Admissions 0121 704 6693
Warwickshire Admissions 01926 742037
Birmingham Admissions 0121 675 0555

Appeals Procedures 2019

If you are not offered a place at this school you have the right of appeal against the decision not to allocate a place to your child.  Appeals are heard by an independent panel.  You can get an appeal form from School Admissions on 0121 704 6693 or


Your appeal will be heard within the following timetable:

Closing date for receipt of your written appeal: Your appeal will be heard by:
Secondary places for children starting in September 2018 29 March 2019 18 June 2019
Change of school (application at any time other than normal intake) 20 school days after your outcome letter 30 school days after your appeal form has been received.
Appeals received after the closing date will be heard within the schedule, if possible. However, if the form is received in late June the appeal may not be heard until after the school summer holidays.  Appeals are not heard during the school holidays.