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Year 11 Arrangements Summer Examinations 2019


Year 11 Arrangements – Summer Examinations 2019


  • GCSE examinations commence on Monday 13th May and finish on Tuesday 18th June – breakfast club will run every morning (except Monday 17th June) in The Switch from 8am
  • All AM exams begin promptly at 9am and all PM exams begin at 1pm
  • Students will remain in school FULL TIME (in either exams or their normal lessons) until Friday 24th May when we break up for May half term
  • If students study the following courses (and therefore will not have an exam to prepare for), they must bring revision work with them into school and these lessons will be used to revise for their other subjects (Art, Dance, Drama, ICT (CIDA), Intervention, Music, PE, Photography)
  • As of Monday 3rd June (after May half term), students are required to attend school for their examinations and are encouraged to attend the booster classes outlined overleaf (if they are not in an exam) for the subjects that they study (please note any A and B band differences for core subjects)
  • All booster classes are voluntary but we strongly encourage attendance (unfortunately these occasionally clash with examinations and cannot always run immediately after examinations or during the school day due to staff teaching timetables) – all period 5 booster classes run from 3pm to 4pm
  • Students can opt to stay in school full time in the revision room (details below) until Thursday 13th June if they prefer to study in school rather than at home but they will be required to work independently in the area that has been allocated for quiet study (The Switch) – therefore they must carry resources with them and except for the booster classes outlined overleaf, will not have access to their teachers throughout the school day
  • Students must wear full school uniform for the entire examination period (including shoes – no trainers)
  • Students will be able to make purchases in the canteen up until the end of the examination period but will only be able to make purchases if there is credit in their account (no negative balance permitted)
  • Leaver’s hoodies can be worn in school with effect from Thursday 2nd May
  • The time allocated for shirt signing/year 11 group photograph is Thursday 23rd May (period 4)
  • The date of the Leavers’ Assembly is Thursday 20th June (11am to 1pm) – students must enter school via reception and fancy dress is permitted!
  • The date of the prom is Friday 21st June (students to arrive between 7-8pm, finishes at midnight)
  • Results day is on Thursday 22nd August 2019 – students can collect their results between 10am and 12pm from the HUB (parents are welcome to accompany them)

The Revision Room – Monday 3rd June to Thursday 13th June

  • We know that some students would prefer to undertake their revision/exam preparation in school instead of taking ‘study leave’ at home after May half term
  • We also recognise that after May half term there will be days when students are in school for an examination and then have some time to fill before afternoon examinations or booster classes they are attending later in the day
  • Therefore with effect from Monday 3rd June until Thursday 13th June, we are providing an area for quiet study in school (the switch) – this revision room will be supervised by a member of staff and students will be expected to study independently and therefore must bring their own revision resources with them
  • If students are only attending school for breakfast club and examinations, they do not need to sign in as they will be registered in the exam hall – if students are in school for any other purpose (either booster classes or to use the revision room) they MUST sign in at reception and wear the lanyard they are issued with at all times
  • We ask that students do not ‘come and go’ throughout the school day unless for examinations and booster classes – if students opt to study in the revision room we expect them to be settled and focused
  • Students will have access to the canteen at normal break and lunch times (if they are not in an exam) – no fast food is allowed to be bought onto school premises

Exams & Booster classes

All students are in either exams or their normal lessons until half term (Friday 24th May)

All booster classes (Monday 3rd June onwards) are held in normal classrooms (except History in The Switch)

Please pay careful attention to the booster classes you are encouraged to attend (in purple below):



Final Year 11 Arrangements – 2019