Lyndon steps into Virtual Reality with Google Expeditions!

On Tuesday 10th January, Lyndon had an exciting visit from the ‘Google Expeditions’ Virtual Reality team. A Google representative gave students and staff the chance to experience virtual reality by using headsets that connected them to an immersive 3D tour. History, IT, MFL and Performing Arts classes all had the opportunity to visit an array of locations around the world including The Taj Mahal, Rio de Janeiro, WW1 battlefields, Google headquarters in California and an aerial tour of Barcelona. ‘It really made you feel as though you are actually  there!’ Said Ethan in Year 11. ‘It gave the teacher the opportunity to guide students through an environment – albeit a virtual one – that they otherwise may never get to visit. The possibilities for learning are really powerful’ commented Miss Newman, head of Performing Arts.


This was the second VR workshop Lyndon had experienced, following on from a similar day in November where Science, Citizenship, Geography and Religious Studies again all had virtual tours linked to their curriculum areas. One Science expedition took students through the digestive system, sharing each stage as food breaks down and the nutrients benefit the body. Another let them fly to the moon and see the Apollo space landings!


If you’d like to find out more about project visit and download the free app. Over the two visits, nearly 1000 students used the technology, an exciting taste of what may be the classroom learning tool of the future!